Activities for Loreen Leedy Books!

Here is a handy list of links to download FREE printable activities and ideas to engage children with informational picture books such as Step by Step, Fraction Action, Amazing Plant Powers, and Seeing SYMMETRY by Loreen Leedy. Activities include writing, drawing, labeling, puzzles, presentations, coloring, and more.

Free printable activities and ideas for using Loreen Leedy books in the classroom.

Free printable activities and ideas for using Loreen Leedy books in the classroom.

The direct links below will take you to each resource in my Teachers Pay Teachers shop...enjoy! For all free book activities, click here.

This 50+ page PDF guide to all Leedy math, science, social studies, and language arts picture books includes 2 X 2 = BOO!, There’s a Frog in My Throat, and Crazy Like a Fox: a Simile Story. Each book’s page includes a summary, reviews, art notes, and one or more activity ideas for students. Additional printables for Measuring Penny, My Teacher is a Dinosaur, and more are in the ZIP file.

Amazing Plant Powers: How Plants Fly, Fight, Hide, Hunt, & Change the World is packed with photos and information about plant adaptations such as thorns, bark, flowers, and much more. The printables include a photosynthesis diagram to complete and a writing prompt to record plant products in the classroom such as paper, wood, and fiber.

Crazy Like a Fox: A Simile Story tells how Rufus the fox sneaks up behind Babette the sheep to roar like a lion (which makes her as mad as a hornet) plus other antics to entice Babette to chase him to her own surprise birthday party. This PowerPoint presentation reviews the similes in the book using photographs of the real things used as comparisons (lion, daisy, and so on.)

• Jack & the Hungry Giant Eat Right with MyPlate updates the classic tale with a giant chef named Waldorf. This popular PDF (over 30,000 downloads) includes a graphic organizer to list items from the different food groups and a MyPlate template to draw and color.

Missing Math: A Number Mystery shows how impossible life would be without numbers and math; we couldn’t keep score, have birthdays, use clocks, computers, or phones, and so much more. This poster prompts kids to design a new book cover and summarize their thoughts about the many ways that numbers are important.

My Teacher is a Dinosaur and Other Prehistoric Poems, Jokes, Riddles, & Amazing Facts takes readers on a whirlwind tour from the early days of life on Earth to the emergence of humankind. These printable pages include a scavenger hunt inside the book, a prehistoric word search, and a book report poster prompt.

Seeing SYMMETRY is a great STEM title to help children visualize math concepts such as wholes, halves, equality, transformations, and other math concepts in the world around them. This resource includes ideas for introducing the book, a scavenger hunt for images in the illustrations, draw-the-missing-half pages for a tiger or a triceratops, and templates for creating original designs with line or rotational symmetry.

• Step by Step is a guessing game about baby animal tracks for preschool, kindergarten, and first graders. Download this PDF for coloring pages with baby animals and their footprints, a craftivity, directions to make Animal Track Snacks, plus drawing and labeling activities. 

2 X 2 = BOO! A Set of Spooky Multiplication Stories, starring ghosts, cats, witches, and skeletons with funny problems. The printable has a writing prompt for examples from the book and space to draw and write equations about something good to multiply (e.g. candy apples) as well as something bad such as smelly socks.

This post will be updated with links to future book activities.

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A baby sea turtle coloring page extension for the picture book  Step by Step  by Loreen Leedy

A baby sea turtle coloring page extension for the picture book Step by Step by Loreen Leedy