It's Probably Penny

In the third book starring Lisa and her dog Penny, they ponder probability. Who took Lisa’s peanut butter and jelly sandwich? Could Penny become a movie star? What kind of pancakes will Mom make this morning? Lisa makes predictions and records results about events such as whether Penny could dig up buried treasure, eat an entire birthday cake, or become President of the United States.

Companion books: Measuring Penny; Mapping Penny's World

“…clear language, simple explanations, repetition and a solid dose of humor make this a winner.” Kirkus Reviews

“Readers will remember what they have learned about probability because they have seen a charming Boston terrier in both probable and improbable situations.” School Library Journal

Grades K to 2. 32 p. Full color art. Henry Holt , 2007. 0-8050-7389-2.

The illustrations were drawn and painted on a computer.