Tracks in the Sand

Reviews of the print edition:
“An excellent resource for introducing sea turtles and the beauty and order of the natural world.”
Booklist (starred review)

“…facts [are] interwoven with poetic language…” School Library Journal

Grades K–5. 55 pages. Full color art. Revised digital edition published by the author, 2011. 978-1-937759-00-1 (iBooks).

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Now available again as an iBook for the iPad
female sea turtle

On a moonlit beach, a large creature crawls out of the waves. Though sea turtles live in the ocean, the female must struggle onto land to dig a nest. Her eggs are left behind, buried under a few inches of sand. Realistic illustrations capture the adult turtles and hatchlings in dramatic detail.

ART: Water-soluble crayons on paper.

Project Idea:
Make a poster or bulletin board about sea turtles. Make large eggshells with the hatchlings crawling out. Write tips to save turtle on the shells such as:
Turn off lights on the beach!

Don't throw trash in the ocean!

Leave turtle nests alone!

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