Postcards From Pluto
A Tour of the Solar System
Newly updated
as of Fall 2006!
Won’t it be wonderful when space travel will be possible for the average person? The lucky kids in this book get to see our solar system firsthand when they take a cruise with Dr. Quasar, their robot tour guide. The children send postcards to their stay-at-home friends and relatives, describing the wonders they are seeing.
Art: Acrylic paintings.

*“...this clever survey of the heavens is definitely worth having on hand.” Booklist (starred review)

K to Grade 4. 1993, revised 2006. Full color. Holiday House, 0-8234-1000-5.

WRITING IDEA: Write your own story about traveling to a different planet or moon... what kind of spaceship would you need? What would you see when you landed?
In August of 2006, the International Astronomical Union changed the definition of “planet.” Officially, Pluto is not a planet… it’s a dwarf planet. There are a number of similar objects in our solar system, and rather than call them all planets, the astronomers decided to exclude Pluto. But, it’s still out there, and there is a NASA mission called New Horizons on the way; it’ll arrive in Pluto’s neighborhood in 2015. To open a new window and find out more about the mission, click on this link.