The Shocking Truth about Energy
PROJECT IDEA: Create math word problems based on energy-saving ideas. For example:
How many light bulbs does your house have? Estimate how many hours a day each one is “on.” Add up the hours to see the total “light-hours” for your house each day. How many light-hours would they shine each year?
Energy sources from muscle power to fossil fuels to solar, wind, geothermal, and plant power are explored with the help of a bolt of pure energy named Erg and a gaggle of gadgets including kitchen appliances, toys, and tools. Helpful tips for saving energy are included.
Art: Handpainted line work and digital painting.

“Erg, a cartoon energy-bolt, narrates this electrifying introduction to the basics of energy.” Kirkus

“Leedy’s experience selecting facts that are most relevant and engaging for young readers is evident, and the information is eminently digestible.” Booklist

Grades 1–3. 32 pages. Full color art. Holiday House, 2010. 978-0-8234-2220-3.
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