The Dragon ABC Hunt
Looking For An Apple The story begins when Ma Dragon sends her 10 little dragons on a scavenger hunt. They search all over and manage to find the 26 items, including an iguana! Then they bring their booty back to the cave, and everybody lines up in alphabetical order.

Art: Pen and ink with pencil.

“The good-natured, fun-loving dragons have fun on their alphabet hunt, as will readers of this book.”
School Library Journal

Pre K to Grade 2. Four color. 36 p. Holiday House, 1986. 0-8234-0596-6.

GAME IDEA: Have an ABC scavenger hunt at home or in school. Each person searches for an object that starts with A, then B, and so on to Z. Write them down as you find each one (no peeking!) The most complete list wins.