The Studio Art Quilts Association is a group of artists who create quilts as fine art. Recently, members have contributed artwork for “Meet SAQA’s Artists: SAQA's 20th Anniversary Trunk Show.” These small works (8" X 8") will be available for travel to showcase SAQA and its mission. The idea is to show a process, technique or style that represents your artistic voice.

On the left are my journal sketches, inspirational images, and sample artwork of a palm tree made awhile ago. I’ve been experimenting with ways to add the fluidity and versatility of paint to my fabric collages.

On the finished piece, the shell is turquoise sheer fabric painted with acrylic, while the palm leaves and water are painted foil. (As in heavy duty aluminum foil!) In this case the purpose for using the foil was not to take advantage of its metallic gleam, but for its ability to capture a drawn line in a shallow relief.
The foil is backed with fabric (or it would be easily torn into shreds), primed, painted with acrylics, cut, glue-basted in place, then stitched. A sewing machine needle was used that is now dedicated only to stitching foil, since that dulls it quite a bit.

This piece’s title is Tropical Dreams I. For another version of this design that was donated to Collage Mania 2009, click here.