Remembering by Loreen Leedy Remembering was made for Collage Mania 2009, which runs from May 5–7, 2009. Many artists have contributed to this effort, which benefits the American Cancer Society. I’ve dedicated this artwork in memory of my father, who passed away in June of 2008 at age 89. My other donation can be seen here.
Remembering (detail)
The rose. leaves, and binding began with sheer turquoise synthetic fabric. You can see shreds of it at their edges. The slippery fabric was pinned down to a plastic-covered piece of foam board, then acrylic paints were brushed on. The paint-impregnated fabric must dry completely, then it can be peeled off. The pieces are cut out, glue-basted to the background, then permanently sewn down with free motion stitching.
The stem is a piece of sheer ribbon with gold edges, twisted and stitched with dark monofilament on the sewing machine. The stem was wrapped with thread, then placed on the background fabric and zig-zagged down. The other strands are various threads and yarns twisted and stitched together first, then couched down. The binding was cut out in one piece like a mat, glue-basted in place, then stitched down.
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