Orchid Show 1, full
A few years ago, I took dozens of photographs of the exquisite flowers and foliage we saw while attending an orchid show. The variety of forms, colors, and textures provided a wealth of inspiration.

The image is depicted with hundreds of small pieces of fabric that were glue-basted onto a foundation fabric, then stitched into place permanently. The fabric pieces are left raw, allowing the frayed threads and loose edges to create a richly textured surface.

Orchid Show 1 sketch The design started with a sketch that was scanned into Photoshop, cleaned up, and printed out. I used an opaque projector to transfer the outlines, then painted them with metallic fabric paints. To control the many small fabric pieces, I pinned the blue foundation fabric onto foam core, then assembled one section at a time by pinning each piece down. Dots of basting glue were used to hold the pieces in place so the pins could be removed. If an area needed to be reworked, the section was be sprayed with water, then the pieces lifted off. When the collage was finished, I freemotion stitched it with a layer of cotton batting and a backing fabric.
Orchid Show 1, detail
This quilt was exhibited at the 19th Annual World Orchid Conference and Show in Miami, in January 2008.
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