Inseparable Addressing environmental concerns using a positive image was my goal with Inseparable. Viewers usually bring definite assumptions to this piece; each person “knows” who the lady is supposed to be. Depending on the viewer’s personal beliefs, she may be Mother Nature, a representation of Gaia, an angel, or Mary the mother of Jesus, to cite the most common interpretations. She holds Earth in a protective way, which is part of her significance. But the flip side of her powerful nature is another aspect of the work… that humanity has become godlike in its ability to change our home planet. Whether we will choose to emulate the female archetypes and protect Earth or not is an unresolved question. One thing is sure…as we continue to blithely destroy the natural world inch by inch, our future looks increasingly dim. Inseparable (detail)
I drew the design in Photoshop, and printed it out full size (the finished piece measures 42" X 60".) The lines were transferred using Saral paper onto black fabric, then painted with fabric paints. Fusible web was ironed onto the back. One section at the time, the black was cut out and a new piece of fabric was adhered from below. I no longer use this technique very often, but it can come in handy on occasion.

The first version of Earth seen in the work-in-progress had to be changed because the swirling cloud shapes looked too much like hurricanes. After the fabric insertions were finished, the remaining black fabric was painted with touches of silver to suggest an infinity of stars.

Inseparable (sketch) Inseparable in progress
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