High Tide 1 High Tide l is large, about 42" X 79".

It was shown in Art Quilts Xll at the Chandler Center for the Arts in Arizona.

High Tide 1 in progress
High Tide sketch It started small with a sketch in my art journal. I traced over the sketch to make a black line drawing that could be enlarged with an opaque projector. The lines were drawn with chalk, which was a bit of a mess. More lines were added later to break up the shapes.
It was the first time I tried a raw-edge technique, leaving about 1/4" of the edges loose. This creates a nice wavy raised texture, but requires added attention while stitching so the presser foot doesn't get hooked on an edge.
High Tide 1 detail
Fabric choices
A smaller, related piece can be seen here.
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